I'm Alyssa and I'm a hot brunette Las Vegas Escort who loves having a good time. I love being a Las Vegas escort! You get to meet so many great people, and there is nothing better than helping great people have the time of their lives! I've been working in Las Vegas for a few years now and know all of the local hot spots. I can get you in to any sort of club that you want to go to, just ask! That's one of the perks of using this escort service. All of the girls really know their way around Las Vegas and want to show you that Las Vegas escorts do it better than any escort service, period! After all, the biggest reason people come to Sin city is to be bad, and we Las Vegas escorts are pros at that. We know how to be discreet, too, so you won't have to worry about any red flags of any sort. Unless of course you are into that sort of thing, then it can definitely be arranged. ;)  

One of my favorite things to do as an escort in Las Vegas is to go out, but I also love to stay in as well. There are hundreds of great hotels in Las Vegas and it would be a shame not to check out a few of them while you are here! I love to stay in and make you feel like the prince you are. From yummy room service dates to intimate massages that will leave us both feeling great, you really can't go wrong staying in. After that maybe we can hit the town and make all of the ladies jealous. I especially love making exes and girls you are interested in jealous. I guess you could say it's my specialty. I'm really good at making women see what they are missing out on, so if that sounds good, you should definitely hit me up!  

Las Vegas is so many people's go to destination because there is so much to do here! And what better way to do it than with a beautiful Las Vegas escort on your arm? I really want to be that escort, because I love having a good time and I know that if we team up we can tear Las Vegas a new one and have a ball! You really will have the time of your life with any Las Vegas escorts, especially through this escort service, but I would really love to be the lady to show you out on the town! I can be whoever you want me to be and I promise we will have a ball lighting up the town or staying in. So next time you are in Las Vegas be sure to hit me up! Me and the other girls at this Vegas escort service will be waiting for you! 

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