You’ve just stumbled onto the page of Gia, one of the newest and most exciting Las Vegas escorts currently working out there. She was just recently hired to work for this Vegas escort service and has quickly become one of the most sought after escorts, she somehow has been able to find the time to meet and please all of her returning customers as well as attracting, and keeping, brand new customers. She gets off on being one of the best escorts in Las Vegas and strives hard to maintain that title. But don’t worry, she’s not in it for the titles, but rather she has a natural passion for all of her clients and that is just one of the main reasons she is so popular.

The other reason why she is so popular is, as you have probably guessed from looking at her photos, her killer body. Taking a cursory view of Gia from top to bottom you can tell from the start that she is not your average Las Vegas escort. Her dark brunette hair flows all the way down her back, leading you to check out her smooth skin, which through much care on her part, has a nice bronze all over and is like touching flowing silk. Gia is a Las Vegas escort that strives to make sure she is toned but also retains that playful feminine touch that makes her a joy to be intimate with. It is no lie to say that her body, from face to ass, breasts to legs, is one of the best kept in all of Las Vegas.

Moving past the more topical aspects of the lovely Gia, going out on a date with her is the true chance to see what’s below the surface of this beauty. Unlike other escorts in Las Vegas, Gia is one of those gals that can hold her own in a conversation and get it going towards topics that will surprise and delight you. Hopefully you won’t be falling too head over heels and will still be able to respond to all of her smart quips and just overall fun demeanor.

If you’re new to the Vegas experience or have been there before but want to really explore the city, then a Vegas escort is the perfect way to experience the city unlike any other way available to you. Sure you could take a tour bus and see all the family friendly hot spots of Vegas, or you could go for one of these Las Vegas escorts and tailor your experience in ways that other tours would not allow you to. It’s up to you where you want to go, and if you find a place where you can have fun with an escort, just stay there. It’s that easy once you’re in the company of a girl such as Gia, she knows her way around the city and how to keep a man happy. Only she can give an experience that most other escorts in Las Vegas wish they could provide.

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