Most of the other Las Vegas escorts will not do anything with another woman. Even if their clients are a married couple, they admit to me that they mainly focus on the guy because men are easy to please. Me, well I’m the complete opposite. I am probably one of the most female friendly escorts in Las Vegas working at this moment. I always have been partial to women of all types. Whether you’re the type of girl who is more soft-spoken and just wants to have a quiet date at a coffee shop or you are the kind of girl who enjoys her leather whips and chains and hardcore rock concerts, I can provide the most ideal girlfriend experience for anyone. I pride myself on having a wide variety of tastes and interests, which can please just about any woman out on a date and especially when the surroundings are a bit more intimate.

I’m a young escort who has not been doing this for very long, I normally do lots of modeling gigs and am currently taking some classes online. As you can tell from looking at my pictures, I have long and shiny red hair and I’ve been told that I have one of those hypnotizing looks that not many other Las Vegas escorts possess. But I don’t know about that though. I am extremely comfortable with my body, something that I never used to be until I got into modeling and subsequently the Las Vegas escort scene.

My first lesbian experience was honestly with an escort. I will never forget the awkward dinner date we had that slowly lead into the bedroom where she got me to open up not only emotionally but sexually and literally. I learned a lot from that experience and hope that my work as an escort provides that same sense of self-realization that I was able to achieve from that special night. Needless to say, spending time with an escort can be so much more than just dirty fantasy fulfillment, although I am not entirely opposed to that either. Whatever you want, I am here to help you get it.

So if you’ve never been out with a woman before and have never had the guts to try, you should really think about getting in touch with me through this escort service. I understand what it’s like trying new things so I want to be the best kind of Vegas escort, the kind that is understanding and makes sure that you have fun trying new and exciting things. I am pretty sure that once we have a night together you will not be sorry you went with me, I promise. And I make sure I never break a promise.

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