Krissy is a sweet and petite Las Vegas escort. This is a woman that is dainty and enjoys her feminine power. Krissy is one of the most popular petite women in the escort service industry. She is often a surprise to those that only expect Las Vegas escorts to be tall, blonde and leggy. She is a petite brunette bombshell with a voluptuous figure.

Krissy is a mature woman and she knows there are some men that only want her because of her body. Because she knows this, she takes care of her body. She loves having soft and supple skin. When she goes out, she makes sure she is impeccably dressed and looks amazing. She ensures that those that are interested in her beauty see nothing flawed in her physical appearance. She knows she is one of the more exotic looking beauties in the escort service industry. Those that are looking for beauty find it with Krissy.

Not only is she beautiful, she is intelligent and well mannered. This is a woman that stands out in the Vegas escort service for her intelligence. She has been the choice for many that are in Las Vegas for business meetings. She adds something special to all meetings, impressing those in her company. Business men and women enjoy the conversation she brings to their meetings.

The success that Krissy has reached is what most people hear of when they hear of the escorts Las Vegas offers. She is a woman that has a huge roster of repeat guests and she loves to meet new people. She doesn’t mind meeting someone new to the area and wanting to have fun. She loves to meet those that have been to Vegas countless times. When she meets new guests, she makes sure they have an experience they have never had before. She leaves them with the sweetest memories.

One of the best things that Krissy has to offer her guests is her passion. She doesn’t look at her guests as just another person she will be seeing. She looks at each of her guests as individuals and she takes her time in giving them everything they want. When she meets her guests, she knows that she wants them to leave with the memory of her face and the sweetest experience of their life. The passion that Krissy shows her guests are what make her memorable and what gives her the guest list that she boasts.

Krissy is the quintessential woman. She knows what she needs to do for her guests instinctually and she does it with grace and beauty. She is a sensual woman and enjoys flaunting it in the face of those she is not escorting. Krissy is the woman many new escorts in Las Vegas try to be.

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